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Where Art meets Fashion

trends musthave gridskirt pattern marble high heel SS15 shopping

minimal fashion the row paridust white shirt minimal fashion trends musthave shopping all white all grey outfit

marble art white skirt white outfit minimal fashion paridust high heels white top musthave shopping

A must see if you are a Fashion, Photography and Art lover; Paris Ehsan aka as Paridust. She is inspired by architecture & art and mixes this into a whole new style. I love how she styles her outfits with the artpieces combined in such a way that she becomes a part of the art.
Check her blog and instagramfeed, I'm sure you'll get inspired!


  1. Wauw, te gek!
    Liefs Iep

    1. Leuk dat je het ook mooi vindt! Fijn weekend xx Brenda

  2. Replies
    1. Hey Alexandra!
      Jaaaa ze doet echt hele gave dingen. Kijk maar eens op haar instagram account :-)
      Fijne dag nog
      xx Brenda


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